Geographic Restrictions

Action Car Rental Team

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Our rental cars are not allowed outside of the State of Florida. Should you take our rental vehicle out of the state of Florida, you may be charged up to $1000.00 USD fee and $0.75 USD for all miles. It is forbidden to take the vehicle on any kind of boat, ferry, train, lorry or airplane without written permission. Please note, most Florida Tolls are electronic so you may not be able to pay credit or cash and it is difficult to avoid them. You may purchase a prepaid toll pass at $14.99 USD per day at the rental counter. This fee applies for the duration of the rental. If you decline the Toll Pass an admin fee of $35.00 USD will apply to each violation. Toll transponders may not be removed from our vehicle. Removal will result in a $450.00 USD penalty. Please note you may not use your own transponder.

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